A Turner Laughlin Restoration
Before and After

American Militia Picklehaube, ca. 1865

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Our team provides professional services focused on the acquisition and preservation of historical and anthropological artifacts and sales of rare and quality militaria. Academically trained and with decades of museum and private sector experience in every aspect of our operations, we combine detailed research with superb craftsmanship in all our endeavors. Services provided range from collections management advice, through artifact procurement and the manufacture of extraordinary reproductions, to the restoration of damaged objects. Our clients include renowned museums, advanced collectors, discerning students of living history, leading film studios, and the finest costume and props rental houses. We work closely with our clients in order to determine their goals, adhering to the highest standards, while simultaneously striving for a cost-effective result. In working with original artifacts, we endeavor to maintain the integrity of the object, using only original materials whenever possible and documenting all work in detail.  Ranging from our US Cavalry saddles to German Pickelhauben, our reproductions have been lauded as "the best" in several arenas, and we strive to match or exceed the quality of the originals in both craftsmanship and materials. We do not manufacture fakes or alter artifacts for any illegal or unethical purposes. In fact, each of our reproductions includes a small mark to distinguish them from an original.

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