Fabric Lining for US M1881 Officer’s Dress Helmet

Black satin fabric helmet lining in typical Victorian style as seen in officers’ dress headwear from many nations, including higher-end US officers’ spiked and plumed helmets. Another perfect reproduction. The assembly consists of two semicircular halves of black satin with sewn tucks at their edges and cane stiffeners at the center slot. The latter feature allows access to the helmet’s interior hardware (such as plume staff wingnuts and frontplate nuts) without removing the lining. This assembly is ready to install in your helmet with no tools, and only a few seconds’ time. The tension afforded by the stiffening rods permits the lining to be seated in place behind the sweatband with no glue or stitching. One size fits all. The lining is the most fragile component of officers’ dress helmets, suffering much in service and often disintegrating in subsequent years. You cannot find a better way to upgrade your helmet’s interior, nor locate a superior replacement.