US WWII M1C Parachutist's Helmet Liner, original

DESCRIPTION: All-original US WWII M1C Parachutist’s liner for the distinctive “jump helmet” worn by US Airborne troops on Normandy’s D-Day and other legendary Second World War operations. This liner is totally complete, and the finest offered for sale in quite awhile.

Liner shell is of Westinghouse ca. 1944 manufacture, in excellent—near mint—condition, with “khaki” web components. The unique “A-frame” webbing is a shade of medium olive, and these chincup assemblies are complete with OD-finished “mock roller” buckles (as specified in the original Ordnance mechanical drawings). The molded-leather chincup is absolutely original, and bears the parachutist’s five adjustment holes—as opposed to the four found on similar chincups furnished with flight helmets. Chinstrap is beautiful, of late-or-post WWII production with oxidized bronze-finished hardware. The sweatband and nape strap are standard issue, and the former is in unusually fine, unissued condition. The “single-V herringbone” webbing used in crafting the interior components is free of scalp oils or other contaminants. After all this piece is (once again) near mint. Exterior appears to have been repainted—in the appropriate shade of medium OD—during the original period of use. I bought this piece in an Idaho surplus store thirty years ago, it graced my personal collection thereafter, and it was the featured, classic illustrative example pictured in an article on the M1C helmet published in AMIlitaria (Brussels) in the 1980s (a copy of the article, as well as a signed COA accompanies the piece if purchaser desires).