ITEM#  12272010-3
Description  Chinstrap for US M1872 Enlisted Kepi and M1902 Dress Cap
Price $ 25.00

Reproduction chinstrap for the US M1872 enlisted kepi, as well as the US M1902 “bell crown” dress cap, in unissued condition and indistinguishable from an original. The solid brass sliding buckle is an excellent replica, and the black enameled kipskin is identical to that used in the nineteenth century. The ˝” wide strap’s edges are “pricked” with the typical succession of faux-stitching impressions, and all sewing was executed, by hand, with vintage 100% cotton shoe thread. These chinstraps were one of the most fragile components of American military headgear, and so are often missing from otherwise fine original kepis. Too, the chinstraps encountered on reproduction kepis are typically godawful, so here’s a chance to upgrade living history headwear.