ITEM#  12272010-4
Description  WWII US Airborne First-Aid Packet
Price $ 27.50

Constructed of original WWII OD rubberized fabric with 100% cotton twill tape ties, this iconic paratrooper accessory was patterned with an original on the workbench. The inkstamped ďFirst-AidĒ marking is identical to that on the issue example, and the four V-shaped opening cuts are in the correct locations. At present, the packet is furnished with a Carlisle Dressing-shaped piece of Styrofoam ensconced in its interior, but the top seal may be pulled open and contents of your choice substituted. Government nomenclature for this piece was ďPacket, First-Aid, Parachutistís,Ē and it was issued to paratroops and combat aircrew alike. The latter typically tied the packet to parachute harness, while paras stuck them on helmet fronts (especially in the 17th Airborne), cartridge belt suspenders, pistol belts, and in pockets. Most originals were destroyed postwar because of the morphine syrette sealed within, so WWII examples are now near-impossible to find. This reproduction is the next best thing, and weíve made thousands of them over the last couple of decades. They can be found on living history field gear and collections, both public and private, worldwide.