ITEM#  12302010-1
Description  Tassel Set for US Officerís Chapeau Bras, ca. 1872-1942
Price $ 55.00/pair

red_tassel blue_tassel

Regulation tassel set for US Army, US Navy and USMC officersí chapeaux bras of the Indian Wars through early twentieth century. These exquisite reproductions of this scarce trimming are constructed of the finest French gold bullion, with woolen backings and silk thread stitching. Worn at the fore and aft folds of the chapeau, tassels are often mangled or missing on original headgear, and originals are near-unobtainable. Sold by the pair, you will find these headgear oddities only at Turner & Laughlin. Available with medium blue silken thread highlights at the knot for Army/USN or scarlet thread for Marines; please specify.