ITEM# 12302010-6
Description  Original WWII GI Bicycle Pump
Price $ 45.00

Original US World War II GI bicycle pump, in excellent, near-unissued condition. I believe this type of pump was clamped to the frame of the bike for hasty repairs and refills. A marvel of simplicity, it consists of a steel cylinder, 8 ¼ inches (21 cm.) long, with the ever-popular WWII OD “crinkle paint” finish; a threaded nozzle on the front; and a retractable rod pump-shaft w/leather compression washer and wooden handle. The steel rod portion of the latter assembly is stamped “U.S” in 1/8” tall letters, and there are no other markings evident. Paint finish is 95% present on tube and handle, and this piece shows little or no use. Still works! Scarce GI accessory.