ITEM# 12252010-1
Description  US WWII Army Air Forces Officer's 50-Mission Crusher Service Cap
Price $ 265.00


The finest reproduction of the famed USAAF WWII “Fifty Mission Crusher” available today—brand new and beautiful. Of our own manufacture, this piece boasts: original WWII dark OD elastique fabric crown; original OD mohair band; original Army Russet chinstrap, original chinstrap buttons; new Army Russet visor of the two-piece, highly-flexible/foldable type; original cream satin lining fabric; new acetate sweatshield; and new, well-ventilated brown enameled kipskin sweatband; and one of APCo’s superb reproductions of the large US Army officer’s cap eagle, handsomely gilded. Construction techniques and incidental materials are equal to, or better than that seen in high-end originals. Size is 7 Ľ--as attested by the scarlet-on-white period size label at sweatband’s rear. The Army Air Forces crusher became a WWII icon, and it would be impossible to improve upon this piece for display or wear.