ITEM# 01032011-2
Description  Replacement Hat Ribbon for US M1887/1898/1910 Campaign Hats
Price $ 85.00/yard

Often missing or irreparably damaged, the encircling ribbon and bow on an issue campaign hat is an obvious and essential component. The silk ribbon used in the manufacture of these iconic headpieces has long been unavailable, replaced in the trade by nylon and rayon. Now, however, we can offer scarce original NOS military silk ribbon, in a 5/8 inch (1.6 cm.) width to revive those damaged campaign covers. Color is a medium brownótypically called ďArmy drabĒ in government specs. Beautiful stuff, this ribbon boasts all the subtle gloss and marvelous flexibility it did when manufactured more than a century ago. One yardís (36 inches or 90 cm.) length is sufficient for a single hatís ribbon and bow. You wonít find it anywhere else, and investment in a new ribbon will add immeasurably to your hatís appearance and value.