ITEM# 01032011-6
Description  USMC EMís WWII Plastic Cap Device
Price $ 35.00

Original WWII Marine enlisted service cap/Montana peak hat device of ďemergency measureĒ plastic, ca. 1942. Right after Pearl Harbor, the nation began its long craziness with rationing materials, with one result offered here. Identical in all respects to the standard issue bronzed-brass EGA insignia, this one is cast of deep brown satin-finish plastic, with a cast-in steel screw attachment and matching plastic affixing nut. Itís a nice piece of work, so convincing that you have to flex the eagleís wings to convince yourself itís not bronze. But in an organization which takes justifiable pride in appearances, this wartime expedient still probably didnít go over very well--and I doubt many survived the war. Scarce relic of the days of scrap metal drives and civilian ration coupons.