ITEM# 01042011-10
Description  Original Civil War Confederate Cavalry Riding Saddle Stirrups
Price $ 185.00

Classic, elegant iron stirrups of the type used on attributed Jenifer and other CSA issue saddles, as seen in the Museum of the Confederacy and elsewhere. Stirrups measure 5 ľ inches (13 cm.) tall by 5 (12.5 cm.) inches wide, with a 1 ĺ inch (4 cm.) tread. The latter is lightly chased for traction, but this aspect is barely visible under 150 yearsí worth of iron oxide (rust or patinaóyour choice). Impossible to read markings, if any exist. Stirrups are a perfectly matched pair, in very good condition, with no bends, warping, or other damage, and were retrieved from the Brown Elliott Collection in Elizabethton, TN several years ago. (Elliott gathered his collection from farm sales in the surrounding Allegheny countryside, and ceased collecting in the 1950s). Anything Confederate is scarce, and this is a handsome pair of stirrups.