ITEM# 01042011-11
Description  Eastman Leather Special Edition Reproduction of the USAAF WWII B-3 Winter Flying Jacket
Price $ 425.00

Crafted a decade ago with Eastman’s usual extraordinary attention to detail, this jacket is numbered amongst their “Special Editions” line, and is a painstakingly reproduced copy of the Rough Wear original. It consists of a standard B-3 of reddish-brown enameled shearling, beautifully plush on its interior, with medium-brown reinforcements and waist pocket of top-quality cowhide. The QM-style Bevo tag in the collar reads: “Type B 3 / /Dwg. No. 33 H5595 / A.C. Order No W535 AC-17756 / Rough Wear Clothing Co. / Middletown, PA.” The separate tag stitched beneath reads: “Regular / 42.” According to Maguire (in Gear Up) “The B-3 winter flying jacket is one of the most recognizable pieces of US flying gear of the period. . . This coat was extensively used by US airmen throughout World War II. . . Compared to the B-3, the AN6553/AN J-4 saw much less service with the Army Air Forces.” Noted for their astonishing focus on the most minor details of construction—from pattern variants by individual contractors through stitch length to zipper type—Eastman’s flight jackets are every bit as good as originals, but boast the added advantage of lovely new materials. This example was worn exactly once—for a couple of hours—is crisp, bright, and clean, and could be touted as “brand new” if we were so inclined. Nonetheless, it’s offered at about half Eastman’s current price. This jacket turns heads whether you’re riding a Harley, lounging on the patio of a web café, or piloting a B-24.