ITEM# 01042011-13
Description  US Milspec OD Thread, ca. 1960s
Price $ 25.00

Original cone of medium weight US government dark OD contract thread, as used in sewing Vietnam era tropical combat uniforms and a host of other items. Manufactured ca. 1960s/70s, this giant spool is housed in its original contractor-marked plastic bag, and bears the federal specification label on the cone interior: ďAmerican & Efird, Inc. / D-Core / Cotton-Wrapped / Govt OD S-1 / 6000 Yards [etc., etc.].Ē Excellent quality thread, unaffected by age, this quantity will last you a lifetime of regular use unless youíre a manufacturer. And if you are, weíve got more! Price similar quantities of thread from wholesalers, and youíll see this is a smokiní deal!