ITEM# 01062011-1
Description  USAAF WWII Type A-11 Flight Helmet
Price $ 365.00

Original USAAF WWII flyer’s leather helmet, Type A-11, in very good condition, and in a very scarce Extra Large size. This piece is complete with commo links, including Radio Receiver (headphones) ANB-H-1 and pigtail with Jack PL-354. This is the classic flying headgear of the Second World War, immortalized by countless images of 8th Air Force heavy bomber crews in the ETO. This helmet has obviously been worn and used, and I believe the headset and wiring has accompanied it in its travels for the last seven decades. The chamois interior exhibits some soiling, but all leather is still supple, with no scuffs, abrasions, or cuts. All seams are sound, all straps are present, and all fasteners are functional. Yellow-on-black Bevo label reads: “Type A-11 / Specification 3189 / Size – Extra Large / Stock No. 8300-396000 / Cont. No. W33-038AC-3172 / The Selby Shoe Co. / Property A.F. U.S. Army.” The receivers bear Western Electric’s logo and the number “D173120.” Red plug-in is marked in white enamel: “PL-354.” See Maguire’s Gear Up! and Prodger’s Vintage Flying Helmets for many images and much text on this helmet and its accessories. Finding one of these aviation classics in this condition and size is near-impossible nowadays.