ITEM# 01062011-4
Description  WWII General Purpose Goggles, US M1943, w/Case
Price $ 45.00

Original WWII goggles of a type widely used, but short-lived. Inexpensively manufactured, this pattern didnít survive rough service use and was quickly replaced by the far more robust M1944. As attested by period photos, the M1943s were worn by Rangers, paratroopers, aircrew, motorcyclists, tankers, and infantrymen in North Africa and the ETOóespecially the early operations. See ASF Cat. QM Sec. 1, Quartermaster Supply Catalog (August 1943), p. 27 for original image and description. Our set is in mint, unissued condition, inkstamped ďAO [American Optical] US 1943Ē on one eyepiece, and come with their original OD leatherette case. Impossible to improve upon the condition.