ITEM# 01062011-2
Description  USAAF/USN WWII AN6530 Goggles
Price $ 350.00


Original set of the most sought-after WWII US flyer’s goggles—the AN6530—in unissued, near-mint condition. According to some collectors, these are an early pattern, with tubular vents atop the goggle frames. Others claim this is simply a manufacturer’s variation. Whatever the case, this pair has never seen any use whatsoever, and the facepiece’s pristine chamois lining and the unsullied white cotton/elastic headstrap attest to that history. The gray rubber of the facepiece now has a slightly brown cast to its exterior finish, but that’s the only evidence of aging in a component which often melts with time. The eyepiece’s nickling is slightly dulled with age (would polish handsomely, if desired), but there is no evidence of scuffing or corrosion. Hinged nosepiece is stamped: “A-N / 6530.” Lenses are untinted, and exhibit no crazing, cracking, or other liabilities. See Maguire’s Gear Up! and Prodger’s Vintage Flying Helmets for lots of info and images. This set of goggles is an outstanding example of an aviation classic.