ITEM# 01082011-6
Description  US M1881 Infantry Officerís Plate
Price $ 135.00

Original M1881 Infantry officerís frontplate for the fulldress spiked helmet, in excellent condition. This example is of high-quality manufacture (probably Horstmann), as is underscored by the unusual detail seen in its stamping and the extra-heavy brass plate used in its production, as well as the richness of its original gilding (99% present and beautiful). Its three brass wire affixing prongs (not the later brass wire loops more commonly seen) are typically associated with early manufactures. This example has never been polished since its manufacture, and would look right at home on a ďnear-mintĒ helmet. Nickel silver officerís-sized regimental numeral is that of the 1st Infantry, which saw extensive field service on the frontier during the Indian Wars. Officersí frontplates in this unbeatable condition are scarce, indeed!