ITEM# 01082011-10
Description  Patented Spike Assíy, US M1881
Price $ 45.00

Original matching spike and spike base set for US M1881 officerís fulldress helmet. This example is representative of one of several unusual, patented spike and plume sets used by some manufacturer-suppliers in the 1880s and 1890s. These variants from the norm (which used the helmetís crown ventilator as an anchor) appear totally regulation when in use, but quickly disassemble via any of a number of clever means. In this case, a pin and two locking lugs enable the spike to be removed from its base for secure transport and quickly reaffixed whenever needed. The spike base itself affixes to the helmet body via 3 pairs of brass wires. See Langellierís Hats Off for image and discussion of this assemblyóas well as some othersóin US service. This example is in splendid condition, with reddish gilding 99.99% intact and a smoothly function locking system.