ITEM# 01082011-11
Description  US M1881 Helmet Frontplate Wedges
Price $ 5.00/set

The US M1881 fulldress helmet frontplate—as well as many other types of US 19th century insignia—was originally affixed to the helmet using wedge-shaped pieces of light leather. If the frontplate’s affixing wires are intact and the wedges are of the correct leather cut to the regulation dimensions, this system works marvelously. Unfortunately, original affixing leathers are impossible to find, and most helmets in contemporary collections are fitted with frontplates which are sort-of secured via crushing the brass wire loops or thrusting just about anything (dowel fragments, strands of duct tape, machine screws, twigs—we’ve seen them all) through the loops. It’s far better to do things right, so we alone offer these sets of three matching frontplate leathers.