Letters, emails, and other gestures of appreciation from some of our satisfied clients.


Diana Foster, President UACC (February 2011)

As a long time collector of military items I have been most happy to have found the services of Turner and Laughlin. Having been priced out of most original French Napoleonic material, I have found the work of Cameron Laughlin to meet my highest expectations. His reproductions of the entire range of helmets, shakos, busbies and other elements are the most detailed and accurate I have seen. In addition, the shako plates used are all excellent examples of the originals from his collection. The cordings, flounders and embroidered details are exact. In addition to the Napoleonic era, Cameron is well qualified in the reproduction of the entire span of American and European uniforms and headgear of the late 19th century. In this regard, he is particularly expert with the dress headgear of the US Army and Marine Corps, 1870-1900. He always responds with a completed item in a very reasonable time. He does not use assembly line techniques, starting a project and finishing before moving on to the next customerís request.

Colonel Donald G. Robison, USMC, Retíd (2009)

After acquiring a rare Napoleonic era uniform, I researched who would be best to undertake the restoration. Cameronís experience was exactly what I was looking for, and he was not only able to make the repairs, but was able to tell me everything about how the uniform was made. In turn, he was able to authenticate the uniform leading to exciting discoveries including the actual officer who wore the uniform. I have been thrilled with the results of his efforts and look forward to our next project.

Marc Richelsoph, Private Collector (2011)

After many years as a collector of fine military memorabilia, I wanted to learn more about the conservation and restoration of rare military collectables. I spent a great deal of time researching and trying to find a program that would fit the parameters of what I was looking for.  After approaching numerous museums and high level collectors I was referred to Turner, Laughlin & Associates Ltd. After speaking to T & L, they graciously decided to take me under their wing to teach me some of the ins and outs of late 19th century American helmet restoration. Cameron developed and executed a training plan that would fit both our busy schedules. I flew to Tucson, AZ and spent a jam-packed 7 days learning how to restore Indian Wars dress helmets.  Since then I have made 4 additional trips to Tucson to learn about WWI Pickelhaube restoration and the construction of French Napoleonic headgear.  If you are a helmet enthusiast like me and want to understand how these works of arts are made, conserved and restored, I would highly recommend this instructional program offered by T,L&A. It is very rare that a company will allow you to learn its trade secrets for a reasonable price and with such a high level of professionalism and training.

Ryan Joyce, Epic Artifacts (2007)

As a military collector for many years, and after having to pass up some fine uniforms and headgear that were in need of restoration, I finally found the best restorer in the business, Turner, Laughlin & Associates, Ltd. This has enabled me to resell the items they have restored for me and still realize a reasonable profit. I no longer have to pass up items that need restoration. Cameron, especially, has been helpful with his overall knowledge of militaria, aids me in object identifications, and ensures I choose proper courses for purchase and restoration.

William J Sibole, Private Collector (2010)

Dear Turner & Laughlin,

I would like you and your clients to know how much I have enjoyed doing business with your firm over the past several years. One of my first and most memorable purchases was a fine reconstruction of a M1872 Cavalry Officerís helmet that is museum quality in every detail. This piece is a showstopper! Not only have I purchased other authentic reproductions from them, but I have also sent them valuable pieces from my personal collection for restoration and/or conservation. These folks are amazing in how well their limitless research and knowledge is applied to their work. It is clearly evident in everything they do.

Ken Stasiak, Private Collector (2010)

At a time when employers must make cautious statements regarding references, it is pleasure to recommend the professional services of Cameron Laughlin and Christina Turner of, Turner, Laughlin & Associates, Ltd.

My first encounter with working with Cameron and Christina was during my tenure at an air and space museum. Cameron served on the Board of Directors and consulted with the museumsí curator. Their knowledge of military history, artifacts and archival procedures were invaluable to curatorial and restoration departments. All of us felt very lucky indeed to have the expertise of this firm on our Board of Directors Ė on our team.

Fast forward eight years: the institution where I now work received an estate gift comprised of a library of 4,000 botanical books dating from the 15th to 20th century. The Tucson Botanical Gardens called upon Turner, Laughlin & Associates, Ltd., for counsel on the proper steps to take in acquiring, accessioning and storing a collection of this type. Once again, I relied on their thoughtful and professional guidance in outlining out a series of steps that a small nonprofit could take to achieve an appropriate and acceptable outcome.

Those in the business are well aware of their vast knowledge, integrity and professionalism, but what some may not be aware of is their philanthropic spirit of sharing knowledge and time Ė two gifts that a small nonprofit cannot place a value on, and will always be grateful for.


Michelle Conklin, CFRE

Executive Director


Anthony Hopkins, The Mask of Zorro (1998)