ITEM# 01082011-17
Description  French Tricolor Helmet Plume
Price $ 95.00

Reproduction plumet in blue-white-and red tricolor, as worn on several patterns of French Second Empire and Third Republic cavalry, gendarme, and fire helmets. Typically missing from otherwise fine helmets, feather plumes provide a dramatic splash of color, greatly enhancing displayabilityónot to mention finishing an otherwise incomplete piece. This example is of our own manufacture, crafted using traditional techniques, and is unusually full and lush. Feathered portion measures 6Ē (14.8 cm.) x 8 ĹĒ (21.3 cm.) and is finished at its base by an original nineteenth century ornamental brass ferrule. The affixing wire is universalóintended to plug into any number of types and sizes of plume socket. We can craft any plume required, so please ask if you donít see the one you need.