ITEM# 01092011-5
Description  Nationalist Chinese WWII AF Buttons as Worn on Flying Tigers Uniforms
Price $ 25.00/set

Years ago we worked on a movie titled Flying Tigers, which, quite literally, never got off the ground. Before the crew folded their tents and went home we were tasked with commissioning a run of WWII Nationalist Chinese uniform buttons, as worn by the American Volunteer Group (AVG)—the famed Flying Tigers (see Pistole’s A Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers for multiple images of these buttons in use). This we did, working with the Waterbury Button Company which manufactured the same buttons during the Second World War. In fact, they used their original dies for our run—until the stamps broke. As a result, ours are the only such buttons you’re likely to see—ever. The set consists of four large tunic buttons and six small cuff-sized buttons—enough to completely deck out a Pinks ‘N Greens service coat or a Rangoon bush jacket. The buttons are stamped of brass, heavily gilded, and feature a Nationalist star within multiple encircling rings on the obverse; Waterbury backmarks and military affixing shank on the reverse. You can have fun with these.