Past Projects

From helmet restorations (American Militia Picklehaube, ca. 1865, before-after restoration featured on our homepage) to museum-grade restorations like the French mannekin as well as a sample of custom manufacturing projects pictured below, our projects are as numerous as they are varied.

69thNYNG_ODriscoll_IraqEnlarge Hearing that a colleague was having a bad week in combat in Iraq, we sent him the gift of a summer dress helmet as worn by his unitóthe famed Fighting 69th of the NYNGóa century ago. The morale-booster worked, and he sent us this photo from Camp Liberty the week his helm arrived in 2006. His colonel liked the nouveau colonial look so much he sought to have his bodyguards attired in similar pith helmets!
TwoHelmetsEnlarge Both Leon Rimkus (Third Army Field Artillery WWII, on right) and his son Lee Rimkus (USMC Vietnam) regretted turning in their cherished M1 steel helmets at the end of their combat tours. Son and brother Dale commissioned us to build perfect reproductions of the lost headgear. The gifts were much appreciated, as is evident in this photo, and the Marine helmet was a hit at Leeís next Khe Sanh reunion. Similarly accurate T&L commemorative pieces grace the offices and dens of active duty and prior-service military personnel worldwide.
FrenchieEnlarge ca. 1870 French Army recruiting office mannekin of an Old Gaurd drummer, in 1/2 scale.  Private Collection (1998)

Shown here: Spanish mid-19th century naval grapeshot rounds for 24 pdr. ship's cannon, crafted for DreamWork's Amistad.


One of he most complicated reproductions we've ever undertaken. Satisfying a bizarre client order, these scratchbuilt US WWI gasmasks not only look identical to originals in all respects -- including an assortment of facemask sizes, user record cards, and utilization of more than 80 individual pieces in the manufacture of each example -- they actually work!

Native American Accessories. Over the past decade we have researched and reconstructed hundreds of Indian objects, from the Sioux, Cheyenne, Comanche, Shawnee, Yaqui, Inuit, and Apache cultures for an array of features and MOWs. Wardrobe-related products have included jewelry, tabards, wraps, headwear, belts, and ceremonial items.

indian_wolf_headdress Enlarge

Chiricahua Apache shaman's ceremonial headdress, ca. 1870, crafted for TNT's Geronimo.


indian_geronimo_saddle1 Geronimo's saddle -- a highly "Indianized" M1859 McClellan, reproduced from the original housed in the Ft. Sill Museum collections. Equipped with a set of classic, highly-ornamented Apache saddlebags and a Navajo saddle blanket, this example was custom-built, in triples, by Cameron Laughlin for Wes Studi in the title role of Geronimo: an American Legend.
indian_geronimo_saddle2 Geronimo's buckskin saddlebags, featuring cut rawhide and red woolen tradecloth ornamentation, long fringe, and tin tinklers, all assembled in typical late-nineteenth century Apache style. The Plains tribes used similar saddlebags.
indian_comanche_sheild Comanche war shield, ca. 1850

indian_bearclaw_necklace Shawnee chief's bearclaw necklace, fitted with glass trade beads and mink, ca. 1780-1820. We crafted this example for the title character's use in TNT's Tecumseh! The Last Warrior (1995). We've constructed Northern & Southern Cheyenne, Chiricahua & Western Apache, and Sioux jewelry of similar quality for use in a number of productions.
Native American ReproductionsEnlarge

These hand-painted Cheyenne rawhide parfleches -- typically used by Plains tribes as both luggage and furniture -- are our reproductions of museum originals, crafted for The Last of the Dogmen.

Craftmanship and AuthenticityEnlarge "Great Plains" or "Denver" stockman's saddle, ca. 1885, scratchbuilt by Cameron Laughlin.
Document PreparationEnlarge Zorro's 1819 Spanish Land Grant, based on an original revised -- in archaic Castillian Spanish -- to fit the story's specifics in The Mask of Zorro.
Hispanic HistoryEnlarge Assortment of reproduction colonial accoutrements manufactured and used in Geronimo! An American Legend; Two For Texas; Dead Man's Walk; One Man's Hero; The Mask of Zorro; Amistad; and The Alamo.
Unique Costume AccessoriesEnlarge In providing research for TNT's Tecumseh! The Last Warrior (1994), we discovered that Shawnee men favored massive ear ornaments like that depicted above (the arrows are fourteen inches long!). We worked with the make-up folks in fashioning a reproduction which would work with the latex earlobe additions they were building, and crafted these unique ornaments in triples for the shaman/mystic character.
Unusual HeadwearEnlarge Handcrafted 1840s-vintage Mexican Army shakos, in assorted branches and grades for the heroes of One Man's Hero.
Military Expertise Enlarge A small sampling of the 1880s calvary and artillery accoutrements we crafted for CBS's Children of the Dust.
Principal Quality SetsEnlarge British naval officer's ca. 1835 duty belt set, consisting of a scratchbuilt Morroccan leather swordbelt with custom made guilded hardware, accompanied by a completely rebuilt original 1827 pattern sword & scabbard. This sword was used in the film Amistad.

ProjectsEnlarge Sample of our manufactured complete 24-man Mexican Army band for The Alamo. Unusual components included The Serpent (center) and a "Jingling Johnnie" (patially visible, top right).
Custom LeatherworkEnlarge Pictured is Hickock's holster and gunbelt rig, copied from originals in the Autry Museum collection for MPCC's bid for Wild Bill.
Custom LeatherworkEnlarge Another version of the Hicock rig, a more economical "'B' Grade" (unlined holsters, bridle leather waistbelts). Built in doubles for propmaster John Zemansky, outfitting Sam Elliot as Wild Bill in Buffalo Girls (1995).
holster_usEnlarge helmet_usEnlarge