ITEM# 01092011-13
Description  French Dragoon Officerís Tricolor Helmet Plume
Price $ 135.00

Original blue-white-and-red plumet salvaged from a French Third Republic M1872 Dragoon Officerís helmet, in very good condition. Plumet is approximately 4 ĹĒ (11 cm.) in diameter, measures 8 ľĒ (20.7 cm.) in overall length, and feathered portion is 6Ē (15 cm.)long. The plumeís central shaft is of hardwood, which, at the base, is incorporated into the standard bayonet attachment of sheet metal and brass. Feathers are thread-wrapped at base. While this plumet ancien would benefit from a good cleaning and brushing, it is largely intact, and shows only very mild fading on the topmost scarlet feathers. Scarce, and frequently missing original accessory.