ITEM# 01092011-14
Description  French Dragoon Officerís M1872 Helmet Horsehair Crinier
Price $ 155.00

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Original black horsehair crinier salvaged from a French Third Republic M1872 Dragoon Officerís helmet, in fair condition. Crinierís leather base is 10Ē (25.5 cm.) long, and 1 1/8Ē (3 cm.) at its widest, and is still in excellent, supple condition. Central strip of braided horsehair is 10Ē (25.5 cm.) long, and largely intact. The longest portion of the unbraided horsehair mane is 19Ē (48 cm.), but some hair is missing--so the crest is not as full as it once was. This piece would certainly benefit from a good, gentle wash-and-fluff. Nonetheless, it is certainly a scarce, and frequently missing officerís helmet accessory.