ITEM# 01092011-15
Description  French First Empire Insignia and Cords Set for Old Guard Bearskin
Price $ 95.00


Complete set of trimmings for the French First Empire Old Guard enlisted bearskin. These components are of the highest quality, and would be an outstanding asset to any reproduction of this iconic headgear. Set consists of: cords with raquettes and tassels; crown tassel; Imperial eagle cockade embroidery; and flaming bomb crown embroidery.

The cords and crown tassel are constructed of off-white woolen worsted, just as the originals (and unlike the cotton cordage seen on so many reproductions). The craftsman had an original raquette plus extensive drawings and specifications on the bench as he made the cords, and they are truly outstanding. The cockade eagle is hand-embroidered (once again, unlike many reproductions, which are often machine-stitched) in gold silk thread on fine medium blue woolen facing material. The flaming bomb for the ďshed roofĒ is truly an extraordinary piece of workmanship, also hand-stitched, in off-white woolen embroidery thread on vintage scarlet woolen facing fabric, and indistinguishable from an original. Assembling the correct trimmings is, in many respects, the really tough part of building a bearskin. And, in this superior quality, hyper-authentic set, all youíve got to do is build a plume and buy a frontplate!