Film & Theatrical Services

From pre-production use by producers, directors, and screenwriters, to packages tailored for individual departments such as props or wardrobe, we provide services in the making of major feature films, movies-of-the-week, documentaries, and Broadway productions.

Research and Technical Advising

Our historical background research compilations, of any era or period, range from easily-referenced bound volume(s) used to guide entire productions, to packages tailored to specific scenes or even objects. Our 3' X 4' storyboard-style visual compilation panels of research images have proven popular in production meetings. Following the research phase, we remain available for on-call technical advising, furnishing rapid and accurate responses to those unanticipated questions which inevitably arise during production.

Research and Technical Advising
Storyboard shown here was used in the planning of the Mexican Calvary's look in The Mask of Zorro.

Object Locating, Manufacture or Conversion

From unusual individual items, to large quantities of a prop-masterís complete breakdown, we track down objects either for purchase or rental utilizing our large array of diverse contacts. If a particular item can not be found, or a more cost effective substitute is desirable, we manufacture or modify existing objects to suit, frequently employing flexible approaches.

Some examples:
- converted hundreds of Swedish steel helmets to Japanese WWII pieces for Windtalkers
- scratch-built dozens of intricate swordknots (with one weekís notice) for Letters from Iwo Jima
- manufactured Spanish 24-pounder grapeshot rounds for Amistad

Object Locator Services
Geronimo's set dresser needed a large number of authentic Apache baskets to outfit his Indian camps, but had found the real deal unaffordable. We did some research on original baskets, looked at sources for ethnic imports, and discovered these relatively inexpensive Botswana baskets. These African products are so close to the Apache originals that they've confounded even the most advanced experts in the field.

Weapons Manufacture
Our gunsmithing and fabrication services range from aging-down brand new reproduction firearms to scratch built reproductions. The boarding axes and naval dirks, shown here, were converted from nineteenth century roofing hatchets and current import daggers into scabbarded naval configurations appropriate for US Navy boarding party use in Dreamworks' Amistad.

Flexible Approaches
Flexible Approaches: Mask of Zorro's props budget didn't allow crafting custom brasswork for the endcaps on these otherwise museum-quality 19th century military pommel holsters. The visually-identical metal caps eventually employed and pictured here are heavily brass-plated tomato paste cans.

Please see the Turner & Laughlin Past Projects page for more examples and photographs.