ITEM# 01182011-2
Description  British Light Infantry Cap, 16th Light Dragoons, ca. 1778
Price $ 325.00


Excellent reproduction of a British Light Infantry leather helmet of the Revolutionary War periodóperhaps for the LI company of the 16th Light Dragoons. Everything about this piece is superb-ranging from the craftsmanship exhibited in the leatherwork, to the extraordinarily detailed, painterly work evident on the regimental crest at the helmetís front. The capís body is constructed of approximately 10 oz. oak-tanned leather, handstitched with linen thread, and with a highly-polished lacquered finish. The sweatband-and-headnet assembly is of black kipskin and natural linen "monkís cloth," sized to approximately 7 3/8. A name penned in the crown interior reads "S. Baughan."

While 17th Century British headgear is not one of our current areas of focus, the frontal insignia would appear to indicate that the helmet is of the Light Infantry troop attached to the 16th Light Dragoons after that regimentís reorganization following the British retreat from Philadelphia in 1778. Condition is excellent, showing no wear, and only minor aging. A recent estate find, this piece comes with no provenance, but I expect it was crafted in New England ca. 1976 for the Bicentennial. See Neumann and Kravicís Collectorís Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution for similar examples, and Robin Mayís The British Army in North America, 1775-1783 for a depiction of an officer of the 16th and discussion of the regimentís organization, history, and headwear. We rarely encounter reproductions which stand up to scrutinyóor, more particularly, our own rigorous in-house standardsóbut the unknown craftsman who built this piece really knew his business. Were we to craft a similar example, the price would necessarily be more than double what weíre listing.