ITEM# 01192011-2
Description  French 2nd Empire/3rd Republic Bearskin Cords & Tassel Set
Price $ 65.00


Superb reproductions of the grenadier cords and tassel for a mid-to-late nineteenth century French Guards bearskin. These components are of the highest quality, and would be an outstanding asset to any reproduction or restoration project. Set consists of cords with raquettes and tassels triple-plaited of doubled cordage, as well as the crown tassel.

Both pieces are handcrafted of dark yellow woolen worsted, just as the originals (and unlike the cotton cordage seen on so many reproductions). The craftsman had an original raquette plus extensive drawings and specifications on the bench as he plaited and wove the cords, and he didnít miss a stitch (both literally and figuratively!). The tassel is constructed of like materials, and is slightly darker in hue than the cords. Try to find these anywhere else!