ITEM# 01192011-5
Description  US WWII Jungle First-Aid Kit
Price $ 125.00

Original WWII US Jungle First-Aid Kit, complete with original contents, in excellent-near mint-condition. Pouch is of dark OD canvas in standard configuration, showing only very slight storage/age fading on exterior and absolutely no evidence of use. The "U.S." inkstamp on the flap is about as crisp and dark as they get, and the manufacturerís marking on the interior, "B.B. Co. / 1944" is equally clear. Contents are well-marked WWII issue in excellent condition, and include: Carlisle Dressing in cardboard box w/original cellophane wrapping; Insect Repellant in original glass screw-capped bottle w/nice label; OD plastic US-mkíd Match Safe; black plastic, screw-capped Pill Bottle; Halazone Water Purification tablets in nicely-labeled, screw-capped glass bottle; small metal roll of cloth Adhesive Tape; blued steel Scissors; and several loose "Zip-Strip" Bandaids. All containers are complete with contents except the pill bottle. A popular assemblage of combat essentials, Jungle First-Aid Kits saw extensive use in the last two years of WWII and those which survived were used up in Korea and Vietnam. Scarce to find with contents.