ITEM# 01192011-6
Description  US M1 & M2 Carbine 30 Rd. Magazines w/Pouch
Price $ 95.00/set

Original US Korean War/Vietnam War set of five 30-round magazines for the M2 carbine (intended for the M2, anyway, but quickly grabbed by anyone with an M1 as well). All magazines are genuine US military issue, and boast at least 98% original blued finish. The magazine pouch is one of the earliest Iíve seen, is also in very good condition, and is helpfully inkstamped: "74-P 142-705 / Pocket, Magazine / Carbine, 30 Round / J.Q.M.D. [Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot] 1949." It is constructed of that greasy-feeling, waterproofed dark OD canvas which looks dusty even when itís clean. Nice set. You people who are prohibited by state law from owning 30-round magazines know who you are.