ITEM# 01192011-7
Description  US WWII M8 Flare Pistol
Price $ 65.00

Original WWII M8 Flare pistol as carried in most USAAF and USN aircraft, as well as in a host of other wartime uses, in good condition. Stamped on the right side of the receiver is manufacturerís info as well as the official nomenclature, all housed within a triangle: "M / SWC / US Property / Pistol Pyrotechnic M8." Pistol is complete and totally operational, though dirty and ugly. Now that I think of it though, these things were never pretty! Approximately 80% of the original parkerized finish remains on the metal, but is marred by light, splotchy rust on the barrelís left side. Paint finish on the alloy back-and-front straps is 95% gone. Bakelite grips are complete and uncracked, though the left grip is marred by a shallow, 3/8Ē chip. In addition to the previously-cited nomenclature triangle, the only other marking I could find is a handstamped P on the gripís bottom strap. Like many flare pistols, this type utilizes a shotgun-style break-open action. The lugs encircling the barrel near the muzzle permit quick insertion and locking into an aircraft pyrotechnic port. These are the pistols launching the distress flares you see over the English airfields as bomb groups return from missions in WWII films such as "Twelve OíClock High." This example, while in need of a thorough cleaning and refinishing is completely functional. It comes with an expended aluminum flare casing of early-WWII vintage, inkstamped: "Signal, Aircraft, White Star / Blinker, Parachute, M-15 / [Ordnance Bomb] / Lot 3277 / January 1941." I bought this as a fun project, but can see it will be far too long before I get around to it, so somebody else can enjoy the resto!