ITEM# 01192011-8
Description  US M3 Submachinegun Ammín Pouch
Price $ 35.00


Original Korean War/Vietnam War US M3 "Greasegun" ammunition pouch, in very good condition. Constructed of the heavy, greasy textured, waterproofed dark OD canvas which invariably acts as a dust magnet, this pouch evidently was intended to tote both magazines and boxed or bandoliered ammunition. It measures 3" x 5 1/4" x 11", bears a large grommeted drain hole in its bottom, and is equipped with both a large webbing belt loop on its reverse, and a web shoulder sling. While it lacks any readily-apparent manufacturerís markings (USMC issue?), it is depot-stenciled on its front in 1/2 inch letters and figures: "Case / Ammunition / 7052488." Uncommon M3 accessory.