ITEM# 01192011-12
Description  French WWII F.I. Hand Grenade
Price $ 45.00

Totally empty, inert, and otherwise absolutely harmless and completely legal cast iron shell of the French WWII Grenade a main defensive, F.I. Body is complete with original pewter screw-in fuze cap, but lacks any fuze filler, handle, or springsóin other words, only the inert pewter plug is present. Body is in excellent, non-dug condition, and bears the impression "FV3" spread over three of its segments (the three is sideways). Mustard enamel paint finish is undoubtedly postwar and possibly incorrect. The FI was also used by the Belgian and Italian armies, and in the latter service was termed the "Bomba A Mano Francese Difensiva F.I." See Chamberlain and Ganderís "Allied Pistols, Rifles and Grenades," pp. 27-28 for more info and images. I expect our price is ridiculously low, but weíre not known as a source for explosive ordnance, and know little about it-so have fun! Remember: this is not a real grenade, just a hunk of iron and chunk of lead.