ITEM# 01252011-1
Description  Original USAAF WWII "Comfort Cable" Aviator’s Sunglasses
Price $ 95.00

Original WWII USAAF & USN comfort cable aviators’ sunglasses, in excellent condition with case. While these glasses appear to be regulation, they may also be a wartime commercial product. However, the original federal equipment catalog text describes this set perfectly: "Face-form, metal frame, cushionless aviators’ sun glasses. Adjustable rocking pad type nose pads, anti-glare lenses, and adjustable comfort cable riding bow temples. The endpieces permit removal of lenses or temples for replacement." The government classed these as "AN-6531-1, Glasses—Flying, Sun, Comfort Cable" and as the M346 and M346B. This pair is stamped on the bridge underside with a "C" within a diamond followed by: "1/10-12KGF." I expect the letter-in-a-diamond mark is the manufacturer’s logo, and a partial interpretation of the remainder would be 10-12 Karat Gold Filled. Certainly, the exterior finish remains an untarnished gold, indicative of heavy filling. Nosepieces are of flesh-toned celluloid and the lenses are tinted green. The case is of molded cardboard, covered in forest green textured paper, and while it is definitely of the period, and in excellent condition, I doubt it’s a government issued accessory. See Prodger’s Vintage Flying Helmets, pp. 271, 301, Maguire’s Gear Up!, pp. 36-37, and Sweeting’s Combat Flying Clothing, p. 88 for images of similar sunglasses and more info.