ITEM# 01252011-2
Description  USAF/USN SDU-5/E Distress Strobe
Price $ 25.00

Original 1980s SDU-5/E "Light Marker, Distress" pocket strobe light, as issued to USN, USMC, and USAF aircrew since the 1960s. This example bears a 1981 DLA number, and is in excellent, never-used condition. It is complete with its full nomenclature sticker, including a four-digit serial number and the makerís name: "Fed. of Handicapped, NY." The battery is present, but long since dead. See Breuningerís US Military Combat Aircrew Individual Survival Equipment, p. 162 for a full rundown. These strobes were expensive thirty years ago, but I havenít a clue what theyíre worth nowadays-so I took the plunge, and this one is priced at half what I paid when it was brand new.