ITEM# 01252011-6
Description  US WWI Ordnance Padlock
Price $ 85.00

Original US M1910 Ordnance padlock cast of heavy-duty bronze with a massive steel staple, measuring 7/8" deep by 2" wide, by 3 1/4" tall. Cast into the lock body on the obverse is the insignia of the corps—crossed cannons with an encircling belt bearing the inscription "Ordnance Department USA"-while on the reverse is the famous manufacturer’s logo: "Yale." Stamped at the base of the lock, under the Ordnance insignia, is "Ammunition." These locks were used to secure the M1910 arms rack, chests, and lockers. Condition is excellent, with nice patination on both bronze and steel. The lock still functions beautifully, and comes with two original keys. Scarce.