ITEM# 01252011-9
Description  German WWI M1915 Bluse Shoulder Straps-Airship Section
Price $ 55.00

Pair of original enlisted M1915 Bluse shoulder straps for Luftschiffe (airship) section. Materials and workmanship are somewhat typical for the typeówith a couple of oddities thrown in for our intellectual stimulation. The overall construction of these straps is very simplified, with the feldgrau base fabric stitched atop a slightly larger piece of white facing material, so that the latter becomes the raw-edged piping. Too, it appears that an attempt was made to subdue the white piping with blue (?) ink. In stark contrast to these relatively crude characteristics, the "L" insignia is exquisitely handstitched in silk embroidery twist. Straps are essentially excellent, though they do exhibit some wear, and are just plain . . . weird.