ITEM# 02062011-1
Description  French 1st Empire M1810 Senior Officerís Shako
Price $ 445.00


Reproduction of a French First Empire M1810 senior officerís shako, as made by The Discriminating General about a decade ago. If you are familiar with that firmís work, this example contains no surprises (check their website for similar products, their descriptions, and for price comparisons). Shako body is of untreated cardboard covered with black wool-blend felt. Metallic lace bands encircling crown and base are woven with excellent Franco-specific figuring, but of anodized aluminum. Nicely molded leather crown and peak. The latter is also encircled with well-formed and substantial brass edging. Shako interior is of typical First Empire configuration, with cotton sheeting headnet stitched to a fine kipskin sweatband. Of the trimmings, the roundel is original equipment, and is of painted moirť fabric. The remainder are upgrades. The brass chinscales were pulled from the backings to which they were originally stapled and handstitched to an appropriate mounting of leather and kipskin. The triple-plaited cords are replacements crafted of the finest French bullion. The frontplate is an excellent French reproduction of the 1810/12 transitional plate, and is handsomely gilded. The fifteen-inch plume is constructed of a multitude of scarlet cock feathers, but is a little wobbly near the top. While this piece is hardly the best reproduction youíll encounter, itís a lot of flash for the price!