ITEM# 02062011-4
Description  USMC Tent Repair Kit, Complete
Price $ 325.00


Brand new, large, heavy, wooden-boxed kit containing everything necessary to repair military tentage in the field—or to work on all kinds of other things too. At current market prices, the tools, equipment, hardware, and other stores included in this set total more than $600. The kit is similar to its WWII and Korean War predecessors, but features brand new, fresh components, individually packaged in hermetically-sealed envelopes, then sealed in an amply-stenciled plywood box. Straight from the Fleet Support Division, Marine Corps Logistics Base, Barstow, California, this kit was originally packed in 1984, then inspected, inventoried, freshened, and repacked in 1994. Unopened since then, the box remains sealed. Once broken-out, components fit in individually-numbered pockets of the OD canvas too/supply roll, which is secured with Quick-Push buckles and straps, and carried (good luck, Marine!) with an OD GP sling.

Components List:
Case, tent repair kit, OD canvas, 1 ea., complete with:
--Sling, bag & case carrying [US GI GP sling]—1 ea.
--Drawstring bag, OD canvas, stenciled: "Bag for Inserting Dies & No. 4 Grommets"
--Drawstring bag, OD canvas, stenciled: "Bag for Inserting Dies & No. 5 Grommets"
--Drawstring bag, OD canvas, stenciled: "Bag for Rings, 1/2", 3/4", 1"
--"Master Component List" [a three-page document from Fleet Support Div., 1994]
Canvas, OD yardage—"Od Duck Cloth, 17 oz."—60" x 8 yds.
Ring, connecting, round, oxidized finish 1/2"--25 ea.
Ring, connecting, round, oxidized finish 3/4" –25 ea.
Ring, connecting, round, oxidized finish 1”—25 ea.
Twine, fibrous wrapping, 5-ply cotton, 2# cone—1 ea.
Beeswax, technical grade, 2 oz. cake—1 ea.
Slip, tent line, OD aluminum—10 ea.
Ring, oxidized finish, 1/2"—50 ea.
Ring, oxidized finish, 1 1/4"—20 ea.
Punch, die & grommet [grommet set, CS Osborne mfr.] size #12 [civilian #4]—1 set
Punch, die & grommet [as above] size #13 [civilian #5]—1 set
Punch, cutting, dbl. bow [CS Osborne], 5/8” dia.
Punch, cutting, dbl. bow [Osborne], 1/2"
Grommet, metallic, w/black finish, #5—100 ea.
Grommet, metallic, w/black finish, #4—1 gross
Palm, sailmaker’s—1 ea.
Mallet, rawhide, [Garland mfr].—1 ea.
Shears, bent trimmers, [Wiss mfr.]—1 pr.
Brush, scratch, steel wire—1 ea.
Thread, OD nylon—1 cone
Awl saddler’s sewing, w/steel chuck & diamond point—1 ea.
Needles, sail, size 14 x 2 3/4", pkg. of 25—1 ea.
Awl, harness repair.

And that’s it for the contents. This set would be a great start to a canvas and leatherworking shop—especially one specializing in manufacturing or repairing military gear. Of the half-dozen sets I purchased a few years ago, this one’s the last. Once opened, the others revealed identical batches of mint condition gear and supplies—beautiful!

FOB Tucson.