ITEM# 02062011-5
Description  US WWII Hardware & Fastener Kit for Webbing & Canvas
Price $ 750.00


Original 1942-dated US Ordnance depot kit for the manufacture and repair of vehicle tops, seat covers, side curtains, and other canvas and web components of military rolling stock. This massive kit contains thousands of original oxidized bronze-finished GI fasteners in myriad types, accompanied by punching and setting tools, and housed in a multi-compartmented steel box. The latter measures 3"x16"x25", is finished in dark OD, and is stenciled "42-K-6000" in 1" letters and figures on its exterior. The lid's interior bears an elaborately silkscreened orange legend detailing the location, stock number, and issued quantity of each fastener type (see photo). In the lower right corner of this breakdown is the designation: "Curtain Fastener Kit / No. 4835 / FSN 42-K-6000 / Manufactured by United Carr Fastener Corp., Cambridge, Mass., USA." Some compartments contain far more fasteners than specified in the legend, while others have only a few, and some are empty. Not all the pictured tools are present, but all that remain bear government markings. I'm not about to count all the individual contents, but I expect, at five cents each, the value of these scarce GI fasteners more than equals our asking price. This set emerged from the Raiders of the Lost Ark vastness of the Pueblo Ordnance Depot about thirty years ago, and is the only example I've ever seen--in over forty years of paying attention to such things. It's difficult to imagine that many such kits--produced in limited numbers for starters--survived the War, postwar usage, and subsequent surplus sales. Scarce, wonderful, very GI, and utilitarian to boot--what could be better?