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Description  French 1st Empire 1812 Shako Plate
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Original French First Empire M1812 Shako Plate for an officer of the 43rd Regiment of the Line, in excellent condition. This is a standard 1812 plate of stamped construction, with twin flaming bombs, gilded finish, and applied regimental numerals. The latter are large, at 1 1/8" (3 cm.) tall, and are of stamped brass construction with a pebbled background and slender perimeter lines. Their unadorned brass finish contrasts nicely with the gilded surface of the frontplate itself. They affix to the plate via bent wire loops, all of which are still present. Also present on the plateís well-oxidized reverse are three solder puddlesóone in each bomb, and one in the crown, which appear to have brass affixing wire remnants imbedded within. More typical are the twin affixing holes piercing each of the eagleís wings near the upper curve. This plate is in unusually fine condition, very sound, with no cracks or other significant damage, and with excellent detail still visible in the feathers and leaves. It does show evidence of polishing over the years, and the eagleís "knees" are slightly depressed. The 43rd served all over the place, including Austerlitz, Ulm, Jena, Eylau, Tarifa, Vittoria, Nivelle, Toulouse, Champaubert, and Montmirail. See Blondieuís Aigles et Shakos du Premier Empire, pp. 53-72 for full rundown and images of similar examples. Handsome plate which likely saw the elephant more than once!