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Description  French 1st Empire 1812 Shako Plate
Price $ 385.00

Original French First Empire M1812 Shako Plate for an enlisted man of the 100th Regiment of the Line, in excellent condition. This is a standard 1812 plate of solid cast-then-stamped construction, with twin lionsí heads, polished brass finish, and pierced regimental numerals. The latter are typical, at 7/8Ē (2.2 cm.) tall, with crisp, machine-stamped edges. Two pairs of drilled affixing holes pierce each of the eagleís wings near the upper curve, and two more pairs are located below the lionsí heads. This plate is in unusually fine condition, very heavy and quite sound, with no cracks or other significant damage, and with some good detail still visible in the feathers and leaves. It does show evidence of polishing over the yearsóprobably including the last decade. The 100th Line saw combat service throughout Europe, including Ulm, Jena, Essling, Wagram, Saragossa, Fuentes de Onoro, Albuera, Vittoria, and with II Corps in 1815. See Blondieuís Aigles et Shakos du Premier Empire, pp. 53-72 for full rundown and images of similar examples. A handsome and substantial plate which marched to the sound of the guns on more than one occasion--two centuries ago!