ITEM# 02122011-4
Description  Russian Napoleonic-era Pavlovsky Regiment Grenadier Mitre
Price $ 385.00


Fine reproduction of a Russian enlisted grenadier mitre of the Pavlovsky Regiment, ca. 1803, in excellent condition. Like the Kiver listed elsewhere, this piece was crafted in Russia, back in the days of the Soviet Union. The Russians are serious about their history, and that earnestness is reflected in the craftsman’s attention to detail in building this replica. Body is of scarlet and white facing wool stretched over iron wire stiffeners, and piped with white cotton tape. All visible stitching is by hand. The frontplate and flaming bomb insignia are brass sheet, hand-pressed into molds—exactly as were the originals (the frontplate alone took several hours to craft). The tuft is of hand-whipped woolen yarn. Interior consists of the usual drawstring-cinched Napoleonic linen headnet-and-leather sweatband assembly, and appears unworn; size is 7 1/8 (European 57). Chinstrap is of black leather, secured with a self-material knot. All the fitting, stitching, and other details are quite workmanlike (as they used to say in the nineteenth century)—not an amateur effort. The colors of this piece are a mellow scarlet and an off-white, while the brass components boast a nice even patination, so that the overall impression is that of a mint original. A very impressive piece, and one I would keep for my own assemblage, if I hadn’t run out of room.