ITEM# 02232011-1
Description  Complete Set of Brass Hardware for M1904 Cavalry Halter
Price $ 65.00


Original and complete set of US Army solid brass hardware for the M1904 Cavalry halter, as used from the time of the Philippine Insurrection through the end of the mounted arm in 1942. Set consists of: a) Brass bar buckle, center tongue, 1 1/8" (x2) b) Brass halter square, 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" (x2) c) Brass ring, 1 3/4" (x3) and d) Brass halter bolt, 1 1/4" (x1). While all components are eminently serviceable, their finishes show use and vary from piece to piece. At the least, wire brushing and repainting in matte black is probably in order if these pieces are to be used in a first-class reproduction. If you're a purist, stripping, replating in bronze, then oxidizing would perfectly replicate the original finish. On the other hand, I simply polished a set for my everyday halter, and the end result was stunning. See Ordnance Memoranda No. 29 and No. 1719 for leather specifications. While reproductions of some of these pieces are available nowadays, originals are near-unobtainable--especially in a complete set.