ITEM# 02232011-2
Description  Original Box of 1880s 'Thomson's Bifurcated Rivets'
Price $ 37.00


Rivets are often a puzzlement to scholars of early American leatherwork, and it's not often that an artifact speaks so specifically to dating the use of a specific type. This original box of slotted copper rivets is so talkative it's the print equivalent of a motormouth, and may provide some surprises to those who denigrate these fasteners as "So late, so bogus." White paper-covered chipboard box measures 1" x 2 1/2" x 3 1/8" (2.5 cm. x 6.5 cm. x 8 cm.) and bears a black-on-yellow label declaring: "Thomson's Bifurcated or Slotted / Rivet / Patented / Jan. 5th, 1886 [image of rivet] Aug. 16th, 1887." Next is a paragraph extolling the virtues of bifurcated rivets followed by: "Judson L. Thomson Mfg. Co. / Waltham, Mass." Box is complete with contents--evidently a full complement of solid copper rivets in assorted sizes. While the label shows a little soiling and some discoloration, the box is in surprisingly good shape for a bit of ephemera 120 years old and the rivets are crisp, bright, and uncorroded.