ITEM# 02232011-5
Description  US WWI Army and Navy Needle Book
Price $ 35.00

Original US WWI patriotic cardboard folder housing an array of different needles, in totally complete, mint condition. The garishly colorful and martially impressive front cover features a US Navy battleship accompanied by an Army biplane, atop which rests a banner-bearing American eagle (interestingly depicted with olive branches in both talons). The lithography is primitive and the whole affair looks a little strange, until you espy the tiny "Made in Japan" at the bottom of the back cover, which explains everything. The rear cover also bears the peculiarly worded logo: "Highest / Diamond / Drilled Eyed / Sharps / Sewing / Needles." Inside are nineteen needles of "Silver Steel" accompanied by a needle threader. The needle book measures 2 3/8" x 4 1/2" (6 cm. x 11.5 cm.) is contained in a waxed paper envelope labeled in black print: "The Army and Navy / Needle Book / Contains a full variety of / Large Eyed Needles." The needle book and its contents are essentially new, while the paper envelope shows some slight wear. This is a wonderfully funky Great War patriotic item, manufactured in the fledgling factories of our erstwhile ally, Japan.