ITEM# 02232011-8
Description  USMC M1892 Officer's Full Dress Helmet Plate
Price $ 750.00

Original Marine officer's frontplate for the M1892 spiked helmet, variant pattern, in excellent condition. This example, likely handcrafted in China around the time of the Boxer Rebellion, is identical in size (3 in. x 3 in. or 7.3 cm. square), and similar in configuration to the regulation helmet plate--but boasts subtle differences. Stamped of medium weight copper sheet in a fairly basic die, this piece was then hand-finished with an inordinate amount of near-microscopic chasing. Every line, from those denoting latitude and longitude to the individual feathers on the eagle's wings, has been hand chiseled for clarity. Other details, such as the feathering on the eagle's chest and the detailing around the beak and eye, were handcut without any preexisting lines for guidance. The insignia was then gilded and silvered in the officer's two-tone color scheme. Two large-diameter machine screws are soldered to the reverse; the brass washers and nuts are correct--albeit recent--replacements. Of the original finish, approximately 60% remains. So far undocumented in any of the standard references, I imagine this handsome piece is an extraordinarily rare, and significantly underpriced nineteenth century officer's EGA device.