ITEM# 02232011-14
Description  Complete Hardware Set for US WWI Officer's M1917 Sam Browne Belt
Price $ 27.50

Complete set of excellent, original solid brass hardware salvaged from a demolished original US M1917 Officer's Sam Browne Belt. Set consists of everything needed to reproduce an authentic belt rig, including: brass frame double-tongue 2 1/2" buckle; brass D-ring, 7/8" (x2); brass D-buckle w/tongue, 7/8"; saber hook, 3/8" x 1 3/4"; fastening stud for shoulder strap chape (new mfr. w/burr) (x2); securing stud for belt billet (new mfr. w/burr). Hardware has been cleaned of most verdigris, but still boasts a mellow patina. The Sam Browne was adopted in 1917 for overseas wear only by US officers, but was so popular it was finally standardized--in slightly modified form--in 1921. American officers were so reluctant to surrender this badge of AEF service that it became necessary to station MPs on docks frequented by returning troopships in order to force compliance with the Uniform Regulations.