ITEM# 02232011-18
Description  Lot of US M1904 Halter Squares
Price $ 25.00

Hardware lot of ten original US M1904 solid brass halter squares, 1 1/4" x 1 1/2", as used on the issue halter and on the fixed rigging of the M1904 McClellan saddle, as well as in some more obscure applications--like pack saddles--from the early 20th century through the Korean War. These are US Army issue pieces salvaged from wrecked original horse equipments, so finish varies from near-mint to patinated naked brass. These squares would refinish handsomely to mill-spec or can be polished to a lovely, high gloss. As high quality, arsenal-made hardware these pieces are offered at a price less than that commanded by the Asian junk which now dominates the market.